Collection of surveillance and censorship incidents


Reports that $foo spies on people in one way or another are published quite regularly, but are often rapidly forgotten as well. Perhaps it’s not a bad idea to have a place where we can collect these reports.

I’ll start with this nice overview (but still quite in-depth) on corporate surveillance:

And the classics: Collection of wrongs caused by proprietary software and RMS’ collections on what’s bad about:

TODO: more info on governmental censorship, ranging from NSA-level stuff (TAO done, mass/dragnet surveillance TODO) to Telecomix’ and CitizenLab’s relevations about use of commercial spying tools used in the middle-east to shut down protests (done) and to the police slowly getting more advanced surveillance capabilities.

TODO: at least 1 case of badness of a lot of proprietary stuff, from ‘secure’ social media/instant messaging stuff with proprietary servers to any DRM-entrenched device.

If you want to post methods of circumvention, another thread might be a good idea.

EDIT: censorship-related things are welcome as well.


When I next get a moment, I’ll try and contribute some that aren’t RMS :wink:

Good idea though.


The only time I’ve ever used a pay toilet is when I’ve jumped the barrier. I’m such a vigilante


Added a link about Slack:

Didn’t have much time for other stuff yet.


I don’t like it when people create slack channels for non-workplace things…


Someone looked into the data Facebook gathers:

I’ll mirror this when I have the time.


More stuff to mirror: (basically the last thing, but s/facebook/google/g)

The Facebook<->CA stuff was pretty well timed with the start of the GDPR…


Remember the recent fuss about Cambridge Analityca?

Now check the dates of these articles:


This thread is too important (imo) to let it starve.

Let’s not forget:

Kind reminder that MS doesn’t love open source:

Build script downloads blobs when compiling (à la Chromium). Not isolated to VS Code, either.

More related to censorship (I think it’s a better idea to include this in the thread, I’ll change the titile.)

(And media consolidation is already terrible.)

But there’s some good news as well:

^ Looks quite promising. Has everything I want, except a weechat plugin/IRC bridge ;)

Finally, SirCmpwn’s blog posts on how to get rid of some of it:


To finish at least some of the TODOs in the OP:


I bet people will forget this until 2020, just like the warning from 2015.