Net neutrality has been repealed


So yes, this has happened

Personally I think this is disastrous, and brings us ever closer to ruining the freedom of the internet (though it isn’t the only thing causing this).

What do you think?

Would you buy the package? :wink:

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How to make your own Internet

Yes or no? What am I answering? Lol
Edit: yeah, pretty bad tbh. Kinda sad, but eh, still has to go through congress, hoping that goes well


What to say that hasn’t already been said…

Sad times.

@Nopezal “Would you buy the package?”


Thanks! Didn’t see it lol


I answered ‘No’, because I’d rather boycott them, and use BGP bugs (EDIT: or a non-clearnet gateway ;)) to get there anyway.


Sad, but I heard it is very unlikely it will pass through congress so it seems like there’s still hope


There is that! Though everything is extremely republican at the moment, as far as I know, so it may do :confused:

Sucks how much this will likely affect the rest of the world.


Washington state is already suing:


That’s good! Hopefully more will follow suit :smiley:

While I remain hopeful, part of me is pretty pessimistic about the chances of net neutrality being a thing.


I suppose there are potential benefits if the ISPs don’t fuck their customers and only promote content instead of inhibit it. But still it will have negative effects in the long run. And we really can’t trust US ISPs since they exist in a non-competitive scenario, where most people only have 1 company providing internet



But yeah. Fuck Ajit Pai… And all the representatives that don’t care enough about it


Honestly, if all ISPs were “good”, had their users in mind, and existed in an environment that fostered competition, then perhaps. Perhaps they’d focus on making the cheapest deals, ensuring fair access to everything, and maybe help out somehow.

Perhaps it could be good if “neutral” things were cheaper/free. Perhaps if the ISP ran an open CDN which was free to use.

Have you got a too-long-didn’t-watch for that video? :wink: I still can’t really see how no net neutrality can possibly be a good thing for fair competition.

For users, in some ways. I mean, people would love free YouTube, right?

(and then after the free youtube they may dislike the please pay for access)


Ok, it’s rather interesting. They basically talk about the different scenarios that have already occurred.

For example. BitTorrent completely fucked with comcast’s ability to provide a decent service. You see, when they say you get 100mbps, they really offer the potential for 100mbps, split between you and your neighbours. So BitTorrent just steals all of the bandwidth, so comcast decided that they didn’t want users using BitTorrent so that they could still actually provide service for cheap.

Another scenario is the Netflix one we’ve heard a lot about. As Netflix grew, the traffic they provided was a lot more than comcast could handle, so while other ISPs could improve their bandwidth, comcast couldn’t without great cost, so they refused to upgrade the connection with Netflix unless they paid for the infrastructure.

Then AT&T, as a mobile data provider, prefer people to use their phone call package rather than VoIP, so they blocked facetime and skype…

The last scenario is fucked up, but the first two seem kinda reasonable, to still be able to provide a good service without charging their customers more. We have to remember that the Internet is huge and that routing all that traffic actually takes a lot of resources. Laying new fiber down sometimes isn’t cost effective


Did anyone see that annual meetup they had where they roast themselves, absolutely horrifying that it’s legal to do such things…


What can i say… fuck a shit pie i hope it doesnt go through congress!


I mean, that makes some sense. Paying so that you can be provided the same service as everyone else because you’re too big is more okay than just paying for something better.

Bittorrent is an interesting one though :wink: To be honest ISPs have been underselling us for too long, in my opinion at least. Upgrade the last mile dammit!


This is nice to see! Seeing how after the NSA leaks we got a lot more encryption, perhaps now we’ll be getting a lot more people running their own internet access. Perhaps they’re just fucking things up for themselves?


Hm, maybe I should write a blog post about CJDNS over ethernet, wireless mesh networks, etc. Anyone interested?


I pressed no cause i’d just give up using internet since i actually dont need it